For Richard Dawkins

Another day another negative news story about Down’s syndrome blows up all over the internet. This time, quite surprisingly Richard Dawkins, respected author and scientist appears to have informed us all that it is ‘immoral’ not to abort if foetus has Down’s syndrome.

Thanks for your opinion Richard. However I think it’s wrong to liberally bandy about such one-sided views. I see you have since justified your thoughts on your blog:

“…Parents who care for their children with Down syndrome usually form strong bonds of affection with them, as they would with any child. These feelings are sincere and mutual, and probably account for some of the hate tweets I have been experiencing.”

Well you’re not going to get hate from me Mr Dawkins. No apology needed. But I do feel like you are speaking as someone who doesn’t know many (if any) people with Down’s syndrome. Because there is another side to the debate.

So I will give you some facts.

Not scientific facts, just life facts; which in cases like this outweigh anything science has ever taught you.


The girl on the far right is Loretta Rose   .

She’s 30 years old. She’s a healthy, happy and very clever lady. In her spare time she likes to go to the pub, dance in clubs and hang out with her friends.


She also can tell you EVERY film Pierce Brosnan has been in. And every special guest that has appeared in the Muppet Show… probably in chronological order if you like. So she’s pretty talented too.

She’s also my big sister, who for the past 28 years has looked after me when I’ve been sick, assisted me winding our father up, helps me chase after our two younger siblings… and shouts at me for stealing her clothes. We’ve had some really good times and she’s always stuck by me through the bad times. We’re best friends.


I’m not judgemental and everyone should have the right to abortion for whatever reason. But I do want everyone to know babies born with Down’s syndrome can have a very happy and fulfilled life. Everyone is entitled to a choice but there has never been a moment that Loretta or our family have wished she’d never been born.


So when I wake up to yet another headline that tells Loretta that the majority of the world thinks she should’ve been aborted it breaks my heart just a little bit more.

She’s not stupid.
I know she watches the news and reads the newspapers. It’s likely she’s already seen what you have to say. I hate to think of how it made her feel.

Loretta is such a happy, confident lady who is having the time of her life. I’d rather hear more about that in the papers or on the TV. I don’t want articles featuring opinions like yours to affect her happiness.

What’s really immoral about all of this Mr Dawkins… is making people feel unwanted.
My world is a much happier and wonderful place because Loretta is in it.


And no amount of science in the world can formulate anything better than a Loretta.

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