Galore Mag: Making the First Move

As seen in New York’s Galore Magazine.


It’s simple. If you want something, you go get it. For example, if you want an ice cream, you don’t stand around near ice cream waiting for it to come over and lick you, do you?

You go and fucking get an ice cream.

And the lick the shit out of it.

It’s the same with men.

first move
No. No. NO….don’t go lick the shit out of a man.

It’s the 21st century. You are more than capable of making the first move if you see a hot man you like.

So go for it. But before you go forth and flirt, here are some words of wisdom, so as well as making the first move, you’re making the right move…

Confidence, in good measure.

Magazines will forever tell you boys find confidence attractive.
And it’s true – but for god’s sake don’t over do it.
It is never cool to take the “go hard or go home” approach to dating.

Storming up to a man, grabbing him by the arm… or the hair… or whatever, then drag him off into a dark corner to have your wicked way with him, is not going to make you appear confident and sassy.
It’ll merely make you look like a cave woman.
And that’s not a good look.

He won’t leave her for you.

You see a guy in a bar and it’s clear he was born to have your babies. You’re plotting your first move and then she appears. His long term girlfriend. What’s worse is, she’s a wet blanket and no where near him on the hot scale.

What do you do?

Absolutely NOTHING.
Ignore anything the Pussy Cat Dolls taught you about dating.
If he wishes his girlfriend was hot like you… he’ll dump her right then and there and come buy you a drink.
If he doesn’t, he’s probably perfectly happy with his wet blanket of a girlfriend.

Be ok with rejection.

If you ask a guy out and he says no – it’s crushing. But it’s ok. He clearly wasn’t meant to be. And be ok with that.

Walk away with your head held high… then once you’re round the corner out of sight cry your eyes out and play “Best Thing I Never Had” by Beyonce on repeat.
Fuck him – he was ugly anyway.

Keep it cool.

The best way to make the first move is to be subtle. Making the first move doesn’t mean you have to ask someone out or kiss them.

Maybe just a friendly relaxed text message will alert your love interest that you LIKE them. If you’re too subtle the first time, just send another text saying you think they’re a massive dork.

It worked in the playground, so why not now?

He’ll Dig it

first move2

I’ve spoken to a lot of men about this. The idea that guys won’t respect you if you’re up front and honest with him about what you want is bullshit. Any man worth anything loves nothing more than a girl with balls (not literally… unless that’s their thing).

Trust me – no one likes a game player and the world would be a better place if we all forgot about what society expects us to behave like and start acting in a way that makes us happy. Things have changed – Moesha is now Brandy, Snoop Dogg is now Snoop Lion and girls can approach guys if they feel like it.

Now go get him.



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